Aromas, oxidization, infusions and temperature?!

P & T seminars present you with knowledge, anecdotes and personal experience of the world of teas and teas of the world. The focus of the events are extensive tea tastings to discover the various kinds of white, green and black teas.


Basics of tea is the seminar in which you learn more about the historical and geographical backgrounds of tea cultivation. We will also answer some rather practical questions: What needs to be taken into account when tasting a fine tea? Which water to use and at which temperature? Why is slurping not only permitted but meaningful? Which ingredients are responsible for the up to 300 aromas?

Focus seminars deal with the individual tea groups depending of their degree of oxidation covering all teas from whites to blacks. Open up to the extraordinary diversity of teas from China to India! How does the processing of the leaves influence the taste? What is white Pu-Erh? Discover the particularities of the cultivation of our favorite Oolong tea. Our focus seminars offer you the chance to intensively dive into the diverse worlds of oxidation and taste.


Please note: All regularly-scheduled seminars are held in German, unless otherwise agreed in advance. Additional dates and English-language tasting sessions on request.