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White Earl
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Scents & Blends No 705

White Earl

  Formerly known as: White Earl 107 Earl Grey Fujian, China Organic Bio
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Zesty bitter orange pairs well not only with malty black teas. For this lighter version of the iconic Earl Grey blend, we’ve given our floral, fruity Chinese white a generous showering of luscious, all-natural Italian bergamot. 

Brewings in sec 90/40/60
Amount (tsp. / ml) 2 / 250
Temperature 70-80 °C

Series of infusions

Fine teas are suited for multiple brewings allowing you to experience their aromatic unfurling with every cup. Time your series of steeps according to this rough-and-ready timing guide to attain the most rewarding results.

Tea Dosage

It\'s the dose that makes the poison. And though your brew\'s intensity is surely a matter of personal preference, we suggest using this amount of dry leaves for a nicely well-rounded cup of tea.

Brewing Temperature

Our delicate leaves enjoy their baths hot. But not too hot. That\'s why we suggest brewing at this temperature to attain the most aromatic results.

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White Earl

Tasting Notes

floral, fruity, bergamot orange


Organic white tea, bitter orange essential oil

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