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Herbals No 812

All the Flowers

  Special Blend mint, rose hip, sweet

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Our lush, petal-strewn blend harmonizes the local herbal bounty into a delicious infusion that is the very essence of the summer sun.

No. Infusions 1
Amount (tsp. / ml) 2 / 250
Temperature 90-100 °C
All the Flowers

Europe has its own ancient tradition of healing herbal infusions to rival those of the Far East. For centuries, powerful herbs and flowers were grown in what were known as "witches' gardens" owing to the powerful potions and mixtures made from their crop. For the wise women and men who tended them, the gardens and their potent plants were a way of harmonizing with mother nature and becoming one with the earth - a balance many of us could use in our hectic, modern lives. Honoring this noble tradition, our lush herbal blend combines the bounty of local leaves and blossoms in a delicious infusion that, like the potions of earlier times, is much more than the sum of its parts.
All the Flowers


mint, rose hip, sweet


Blackberry and raspberry leaves, peppermint, rose hip, sunflower, apple, antennaria, marigold, malva, erica, larkspur


EU Standard