5 reasons why tea makes a thoughtfull gift

Behind colorful tea caddies and spirited messages of holiday festivities, is tea: a wonderful token of nature that gives so many benefits. A gifting staple we’ve found it to be, particularly popular around Christmas, it has us pondering why so many choose to gift tea. For us, tea is like a self-assured and humble guest to your home, who carries a palatable personality - never too bold - and is at ease with first-time encounters. While it makes for a crowd-pleaser, tea at its best is a truly personal gift and a way into one’s heart. 

Prepped with a good understanding of who you are thinking of, tea becomes a multi-faceted and experiential thought tribute. Continue reading to discover 5 reasons why we think tea makes a great gift. 

1. A gift of good health

    The Chinese have been drinking tea to bring wellness comfort since its discovery some thousands of years ago. Thankfully, a recent stream of studies has brought tea into recognition in the west as being excellent for our health. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and much more are contained within, and up to 22k’s other health properties like a Taoist legend speaks. What is important, is drinking a variety of fine quality tea regularly, and adopting it into a lifestyle regime in the name of good health.

    2. A gift towards mindfulness

      We have Buddhist monks to thank for our bright and at ease state of mind, who discovered the secret power of tea during long hours of meditation. The secret is stored within a unique amino-acid in tea called L-Theanine, which works dynamically with caffeine to help our minds stay focused and awake. Matcha has been found to contain particularly high amounts of this compound and plays a leading role in mindfulness ceremonies such as Chadō in Japan. It is indeed for that extra push of concentration that we enjoy tea regularly throughout the day. 

      3. Ignite the World Explorer within

        Tea certainly grants us a way to discover the cultures of the world. Take for instance, a warming cup of chai masala that blends a mix of spices based on ancient Ayurveda and strong black tea inspired by the British teatime tradition. Ever-so humbly does this cup of tea carry an important artifact of India’s colonial history. Much like India’s favorite drink, there is a story to be told in each tea and an invitation to uncover or rediscover the world explorer within each of us.

        4. An occasion to gather around for tea

          ‘’Will you come around for tea?’’ The spirit of invitation has always been a part of tea and it is a  common reason to gather at one’s home. The Chileans do it effortlessly with their occasion to ‘once’, which ushers a gathering of family and friends to talk about their day. Free-flowing tea and a feast of cold-cut meats, cheeses, cake, and always a bowl of mashed avocado are taken for an evening snack, and not lightly. Taking inspiration from this beloved custom, we like the idea of gifting tea to give a reason to gather. ‘’Will you come around for once?’’

          5. Seek the perfect match

            An experiential, sensory game of match-making: we like to think of gifting tea as a chance to trial our taste-buds in finding a flavor profile that best represents the person we are thinking of. To begin, there are six tea types; from the delicate qualities of white tea, to the floral aromas of oolongs, onto bold and sometimes smoky black teas. There exist thousands of tea varieties, each with a character uniquely their own. In the end, it is a fun game that gets us creatively involved in gift-giving, and may we mention, a perfect chance to taste many teas!

            One more for the record - On gifting tea accessories

            It is not only about tea - the preparation process requires a collection of utensils to bring out the best of it. Since tea’s discovery about five thousand years ago, we do see that it has influenced a stream of precious pieces of craftsmanship. Not to be forgotten in our Tokoname Kyusu, or Spring Air cup from local ceramicist Nastia Eliseeva; is a work of creative intent which is passed onto the next beholder. Supporting artistry through the ritualization of our own tea experience is a beautiful thing, or offering this token to a beloved one, makes a gift all the more special. 

            Image credits: fair-a-porter, windyhollowfarm_, Chai Wallahs of India, Jun Chiyabari

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