A Cup of Nature

In conversation with Manuel Platzer.

We caught up with Berlin-based Creative Director and Photographer Manuel Platzer. Whose recent photo-series A Cup of Nature captures so wonderfully the natural essence of tea.

We went about finding out just how important connecting with nature is to him and his work.

How can nature teach us about ourselves? In a world where nature is all around, it breathes into us as a life force. Sensing the beauty of nature and working with it is an introspective artform for some. As it stretches self-ideation beyond time and place. Where nature becomes a personal reflection and a devoted practice of mindfulness.

Manuel Platzer, Creative Director and Photographer, captured so wonderfully the natural essence of tea in his photo-series, A Cup of Nature. We went about finding out just how important connecting with nature is to him. 

We have always had a deep connection to nature. Tea is a way to connect with nature and I have come to understand much about nature through enjoying tea.

Surround yourself with art and nature

We love to create things, beautiful objects that we surround ourselves in. It inspires us and gives our life a greater meaning. As we place ourselves into nature, we understand its stillness, its beauty. As we work with nature as a medium of artistic expression, it guides us through a personal transformation.

The beauty of nature can be found in the details, in its irregular patterns and organic forms. To bring the base of nature back into the home and into your everyday life is not only a sophisticated aesthetic but a source of creative inspiration.

Take advice from Mother Earth

When you tune into nature, you can learn alot about how to improve your life.

Take for instance the lessons we learn from tea. Tea teaches us to focus on the here and now, not yesterday, and not tomorrow. It brings into light the importance of water to our well-being. Tea also gives us the feeling of time. That, time is something that we have and share with the rest of the world and not something we lose.

Connect the dots

Tea presents us with a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature. By drinking a cup of tea we essentially become one with nature. To understand that tea is something sacred will deepen our relationship with nature. It is about the appreciation for the ritual of tea brewing, the attention we pay to the aromas and flavors of tea, and our attentiveness to the moment created.

Thank you Manuel for sharing with us your thoughts on tea.

Check out Manuel's work here.

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