A good day with our new tea variety box

Our variety boxes invite you on a journey through the world of our P & T Master Blends. Since 2014, these extraordinary blends pay homage to the venerable art of tea blending. Each of our in-house recipes combines a variety of finely balanced, purely natural ingredients to delight your palate and senses. With a keen sense for inspiring flavours, we put an important tea tradition into the spotlight.  

With gratitude these mild beginnings of June present a delicate curation of our White, Green and Black tea blends with our new Good Day Variety Box. This sampler gives you the opportunity to try out five different mixtures, indulging in a potpourri of diverse tea in your everyday life. We kindly invite you to follow us on a little journey around how this tea assortment could accompany you from morning to evening. Are you ready for a Good Tea Day with us?

07:30 a.m.

For most of us, a good day starts with a nutritious breakfast. This was the actual inspiration for our Hunky Dory Breakfast N°721, a full-bodied Black tea blend with the aroma of pastries and malt. A delightful and rich cup to wake up your senses, and a pleasant start to the morning.

09:00 a.m.

For your first tea at work (... or at your home office) we recommend our Brave New Earl N°711 as a traditional hot infusion, or prepared in our nomad bottle as a cold brew first thing in the morning. Refresh your mind and body right at the start of work - that’s the motto. This Black and Green tea blend, perfumed with natural bergamot oil, not only shines with classic notes of an Earl Grey but also with the fresh aroma of pine and sensual flowers, thanks to juniper berries and fragrant jasmine.

01:30 p.m.

Since the first working hours have passed and your to-do list has hopefully become a lot shorter, this should be the perfect time to recharge your batteries with our Sprite’s Delight N°717. This lively green tea composition with sweet strawberries, spicy basil and delicious blueberries helps you find your focus again and certainly puts a smile on your face.

04:00 p.m.

Later in the afternoon, another organic tea - this time a Black tea blend - is ready to serve you creamy vanilla, earthy cocoa shells and smooth orange: Les Métrofolies N°712. This carnal mixture goes well with a sweet four o'clock snack, but is also an irresistible delight by itself.

06:30 p.m.

Finally, for all the tea enthusiasts who have exciting evening plans (and can still cope with caffeine at that time of the day), our Perfect Day N°719 is a fabulous finisher and refresher. This lovely scented White and Green tea mixture surprises with delicate aromas of apricot, elderflower and juicy apple. A joyful mix that also works wonderfully in an iced tea - as soon as the temperatures let us long for a refreshment once the sun has set, too.

A Good Tea day comes to an end. We hope you could draw some inspiration from our little story - but rest assured that the teas presented can certainly be enjoyed at any time of the day or in whatever order you prefer. Our Good Day Variety Box is now available online and in our five stores in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne coming with loose full leaf tea in sachets and with our organic cotton teabags. 

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