Alessio Fangano

We are pleased to present our latest collaboration with photographer and artist Alessio Fangano and his paper-art series KorinGami 光琳 雅味 at P & T flagship store in Berlin.

Inspired by the celestial scenes of Japanese XVII century painter Ogata Korin and the haunting beauty of Jun’ichiro Tanizaki’s words, Alessio explores the volumetric folds of high quality paper upon a sparkling shadow of gold.

Alessio Fangano, born in Sicily, is fascinated in still-forms interpreted through the way of fine art. Since an early stretch in molecular gastronomy in Paris, he carries a sensitivity towards creative expressions of nature as an alternative way of representing the essence of life.

One summer evening in July, we presented Alessio Fangano's KorinGami 光琳 雅味 installation at our flagship store in Berlin. To mark the special occasion we accompanied it with a public tea ceremony focusing on delicate and floral white teas. Tea instructor Eduardo Molina demonstrated in Taiwanese formality, the style of Tea Art- a dance of gestures and precision brewing of our finest white teas.

KorinGami is presented in both P & T stores in Mitte and Charlottenburg as artwork available for purchase. Please approach our teaists in store for assistance.

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