Blending with green tea

The modern tea classification is rooted in the different steps involved in the processing of each type of tea. Green tea undergoes the least amount of oxidation. In China, these methods include the roasting and cooking of the tea, whereas in Japan it is preferred to steam the leaves.  In China and Japan alike, Green tea is the most widely produced type of tea. It is broadly admired for its health benefits, light flavor, and invigorating qualities.

Green tea is a perfect foundation for some of the most creative types of blends. It does not take the lead, it acts in the background as a solid base, which is why some call it the heart. It is needed, it is there and if you are sensing carefully you’ll feel it.

Our carefully selected P & T Masterblends are the ideal entry point into the wealth of Green tea blending. They are what their name implies: a blend of premium teas and all-natural ingredients created by our master artisans. Our Sprite’s Delight N°717, A lush and lively green tea medley of strawberry and blueberry fruit, tangy elderberry flower, paired with a pinch of fragrant basil and earthy beetroot. Another suggestion is our Mint Julep N°715, an awe-inspiring take on the southern American cocktail classic. Our take trades bourbon for a smoky green tea. To complement the tea’s complexity, we added in zesty lemon myrtle and citrus peels, rounding out the flavor with a whisper of peppermint. Our Perfect day N°719 is a fragrant blend carrying two hearts, the harmonious arcadian melange of Chinese green and white tea, accompanied by elderflowers with whiffs of apricot. Just like a perfect day, this tea is composed by sublime, light-hearted, and simple bliss.

Green meets black

While green tea is more delicate, and black tea is bolder, these two types of tea harmonize together superbly. Our Sacred Emily N°701 is a twist on the famous Rose Garden tea. A perfect example of our celebration of creative blending. Plucked at the height of their bloom, the rose petals linger on the palate and mingle with precious jasmine green tea, as well as tips from the best second flush Nepal black tea. These rare components transform this joyful mélange into a true piece of art. Two hearts become one, to conduct an harmonious orchestra of savours. This can also be said about our Contemplation, a warming blend of roasted organic green and black tea. This Hojicha promotes our inner contemplation with hints of toasty, smokey-sweet notes of plum and cinnamon. We imagine ourselves entering a tranquille temple, coming to peace with both body and mind.

Japanese blends

In times of war, when tea supply was scarce, Japanese tea masters invented Genmaicha, a green tea blended with roasted rice. The blend yields a pleasant popcorn-esque aroma which marries well with the freshness of the green tea itself. Our Grain of Truth N°314 is a hearty, everyday favorite encapsulating genmaicha’s quintessential toasty essence. A unique spin on Japan’s usual fresh green taste. Another great representative of Japanese green tea blending is our Yuzu Midori N°328. This potent green tea blend, generously dosed with rich matcha powder, and paired with the fragrant tart rinds of prized Japanese Yuzu citrus, makes for a delightfully refreshing, invigorating and nutritious bright green cup.

Something very special

Scenting tea has a long winded history in China, which is why we honor this age-old art with this ethereal cup. Scenting is not to be confused with blending, as we do not simply add another ingredient to the blend, we extract its aromas. The biological heat of the flowers trapped by the tea layers expedites the flowers to bloom. The tea absorbs the released fragrance. In finer teas, this process is repeated multiple times. Which is also the case for our In The Mood For Love N°323, where the highest quality of loose leaf Fujian green tea absorbs the flavour of the finest jasmine blossoms and sweet buds of their unctuous aroma. The result is an airy, exquisite cup indulging the senses with its exuberant floral perfume.

While one should explore the great variety, cultural richness and nuances of pure green teas, another entry could definitely be the highly creative world of green tea blends.

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