This silky smooth oolong boasts an exuberant floral bouquet of spring flavours, which are a great addition to the rustic aromas of this country loaf. This bread is quite easy to accomplish and goes well as a side or base for a charcuterie board.

This recipe calls for:

200g Rye flour, full grain
250ml Tea (50°C)
40g Starter

Main dough
200g Rye flour1150
100g Spelt flour 1050
150ml Tea (50°C)

Prepare the Four Seasons Of Spring N°402 infusion with the doubled amount of tea than usual, which means 8g for 250ml liquid and 5g for the 150ml.

Mix all sourdough ingredients together and let sit for 14 hours at around 20°C.

Pour 75ml of boiling water over it and add a pinch of salt salt. Cover the surface directly with plastic wrap and let it relax for an hour until the temperature is down to 50°C.
Mix the ingredients for the main dough until fully combined and let it sit for 45 minutes. After it is rested, knead the dough using a lift and fold technique and finally place the loaf into a floured basket. Now it's time to proof for a total of 90 minutes at 20°C.
Bake the bread at a falling temperature from 250°C to 200°C for approximately 55 minutes.


Photo Credit: @mit_kowski

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