''The whole universe is contained within a single flower...'' 

Once mused Japan's Ikebana Master, Toshiro Kawase. A small thing that opens our heart to so much more, with ceramics from Kasper Hauser Foundation, we explored the art form Ikebana, in tribute to the cherished moments spent with our mothers.

Together with Kasper Hauser Foundation, we were able to explore the art form Ikebana, a japanese way of flowers, to create a bloom of floral presentations for our Berlin stores. Such elegant Ikebana ceramics were crafted in Pankow, Berlin, where KH Foundation realizes their vision towards creating support for people with impairments through art therapy.

Art has the sensibility to inspire, motivate and strengthen. Through non-verbal conversations between colors, shapes, sounds and natural harmonies can one discover personal experiences that inspire. Mobilizing a holistic approach towards therapy, KH Foundation offers open spaces and curates a social creative program to guide a healing light onto people with impairments.

Ikebana ceramics is a unique project coordinated by KH Foundation. By giving patients the essential impulses for movement and coordination, the result is inspiring! With our natural affinity to tea and Eastern traditions, we explored the artform of Ikebana by pairing the bold individuality of each ceramic piece with feminine personalities for Mother’s Day.

Read more about Kasper Hauser Foundation on their webpage.

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