There’s a Japanese phrase – “ichi-go ichi-e” which means “one time, one meeting”. It is meant to remind us of the beauty of the present moment and that life is ever-changing. When you adopt this idea you drink your tea with complete awareness and appreciation of the moment. 

Tea meditation cultivates a sense of gratitude for life, it helps de-stress and find greater peace of mind. Give our three-step-guide a try and you will see the benefits of meditating with mindfulness.

Pebble pot cup tea accessories mood pandt

Step 1 – Be in the moment

Here’s how to do it: Do every step of preparing your tea, to sitting down, to actually drinking, to finishing and cleaning up in mindfulness. That means – no checking your inbox, instagram or whatnot on your mobile in between, no flipping through the pages of a magazine or going over the list of groceries you need to get later on. Give yourself completely to the process of preparing and drinking your tea. Once you’ve made your tea find a nice and quiet place to sit and drink it. Before drinking it take a moment to notice the aroma, the look and color of your tea.

Step 2 – Give thanks

Now this might sound weird, because at first sight whom should you thank when you’ve just made your own cup of tea? Again, reconsider. Contemplate on the fact that you can sit and enjoy a wonderful cup of warm tea when there are many people who don’t even have access to clean drinking water. Take a moment to be thankful for all the things that helped make your cup of tea a reality.

Step 3 – Drink your tea

Fully commit to the act of drinking your tea and take in all sensations that arise: From the taste of your tea to the feel of the teacup against your lips, from the way you deliberately pick up and set back your teacup. Gently acknowledge all sensations as well as thoughts and emotions that come with it. Observe them and let them flow through you. Understand that this moment and this tea will never exist again.


Pebble pot cup tea accessories mood pandt


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