Now & Zen by MADE


We were invited to share the story of tea at Now & Zen, a special event curated by MADE seeking to inspire social influencers on well-being and natural care. Here is an insider to the inspiring event that was. 

An enlightening wellness exchange took place one early spring day at MADE Berlin showroom alongside local brands, Shakti Mat and Merme natural oils.

The day began with cold-brewed Sakura Bliss herbal tea and warm Queen’s Grace first flush Darjeeling to ease guests into a relaxing meditation and yoga session lead by the ladies of Shakti Mats.

After a quick snack a tea seminar followed, where three P & T origin teas: Pu Er Bai Ya, Four Seasons of Spring, and Daikoku were brewed in the style of Tea Art, a ceremonial practice with Chinese roots that emphasise the interconnection of tea preparation and mindfulness. The seminar concluded with a Japanese chanoyu preparation of Konomi Do, P & T's ceremonial matcha. 

Leaving the final touches to the wellness day was Merme with a facial massage workshop using their all-natural oils.

Thank you MADE for inviting P & T to be a part of this inspiring wellness exchange.

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