We shared a quiet moment with Berlin-based spirit guide and healer Lori Haberkorn to find out how we can create our personal sacred spaces and learn from natural elements and tea to bring us back to our true self. 

The work of Lori Haberkorn is completely dedicated to nature. Her Golden Circle Rituals are born out of her own spiritual journey of seeking for a deeper meaning in life and like minded women. She creates rituals and gatherings to empower and support women on their own journey back to their purest and truest self, to reconnect with mother nature, to learn, grow and flow with her.

Therefore she offers Personal Guidance, Tarot Readings as also specific kinds of Women Circles and Gatherings. For these she creates sacred spaces to reawake the elemental power, the inner wise women, that already lives deep down in ourselves. And tea is one of her ritual entries to the higher mind, the spirit, through body and soul. We had a chat with her find out, how we can create our personal sacred spaces and how focus can us bring back to our true self.

In conversation with Lori Haberkorn

You create a lot of specific rituals in your Circles and Readings. How can we imagine, what a ritual looks like? And what role does tea play in these rituals?

In my Rituals it’s all about reconnecting with the higher wisdom and the power, the essence. So I create a sacred space with natural ritual materials to arrive at ourselves. I clean the space with different kind of herbs and oils and invite the energies I need for the ritual. I do a lot of meditation and journaling, burnings and tarot readings. Every ritual is different as I always work with the current moon energies around us and I love to use my intuition to feel what to do next.

Water symbolizes movement, change. It has a healing power and together with the element earth - tea, it creates new specific energies. To drink tea, to connect with the element water is one of the purest forms of getting back to nature, as tea is nature. We all are.
















Do you have any special tea rituals as well?

When I integrate Tea for my rituals the whole situation of brewing is a ritual. I clean all the materials before with sage, from the water to the cup to the tea. During the ritual I just take a sip, when change, movement is needed, when you have to let go and refresh yourself. 

How can we create our own personal sacred space? How can we create a tea ritual in our daily routine?

You can build a sacred space in so many different ways. You can create it for only specific events, or you can build your own altar, a space in your flat where you can reconnect with yourself on a daily base. It shall be a place to really calm down, without any distraction and only good energies. Use natural elements, candles, sounds, scents, pictures you want to connect with and make yourself a cozy lovely place to arrive.

When it comes to tea - I really love to do a little tea ritual especially in the morning and evening, at a time where my devices are on airplane mode so that I can completely focus on the present and myself. It’s so easy to integrate tea in your everyday life by just really being aware of how you brew and drink your tea. Try to really see, smell, feel and be your tea.

Where do you prefer to enjoy your tea, at home alone or at a teahouse?

As we are great tea lovers we have all kinds of teas at home and I also create some special teas out of my autumn harvest. So we really enjoy drinking tea at home at our sacred space, but also when we are on the road, there is always some tea with us, like a cold brewed white tea, that really is such an empowering natural energy drink.

Your tea personality in three words?

Grounded, Loyal & Pure

You can find Lori and her Golden Ritual Circles here.

Images credits to Manuel Platzer


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