Jazz: Hardly any other musical genre stands for a continuous development through creative fusion processes of the most diverse genres and cultural influences like it. Originating around 1900 in the southern states of the USA, inspired by elements of African-American folk music and European-American dance music, jazz has always been a cultural and musical form of expression that reflects the social reality of the artists. In Latin jazz for example, there are stylistic influences from the Caribbean, but also from Brazilian popular music. In Europe, string jazz evolved from the late 1920s, influenced, among others, by the Hungarian Csárdás and driven by the guitar virtuoso Django Reinhardt. Nu jazz laid the groundwork for house music in the 1980s, and jazz rap fuses hip-hop culture with the legacy of its musical pioneers.

Just as in jazz, the art of tea blending fuses a wide variety of cultural influences, traditions, and modern interpretations into completely original compositions. The roots of this art lie in China. As early as the Chinese Song Dynasty, ingenious tea masters tried their hand at blends and flavoured varieties. They first used blossoms, and later also essential oils and spices, to refine the teas, or to support certain healing effects. Similar to jazz, tea and with it the art of blending embarked on a geographical and cultural journey around the world. This resulted in famous compositions such as Earl Grey, Genmaicha and Masala Chai. Our P & T Master Blends stand in this tradition. They are what their name implies: a blend of premium teas and all-natural ingredients created by master artisans. They are inspired by tradition and alongside creative freedom for reinterpretation, just like jazz. They celebrate diversity and tell individual stories. Time to discover them:


We start the day with a good breakfast, the most important meal of the day. This full-bodied black tea blend with overtones of malt, fresh pastry and just a note of honey. It gives us strength and prepares us to embrace the day ahead.


Imagine a hot summer day. Not a cloud in the sky and we feel free from worries. A scent of ripe apples and fresh blossoms in the air. This feeling is transported by our  arcadian mélange of delicate white tea and elderflower with whiffs of apricot. Sublime, light-hearted, and simple bliss.


We continue through the Brandenburg Gate and there they are: the famous linden trees of Unter Den Linden. That very famous boulevard. We stroll down to the Berlin Cathedral in the shade of the now blossoming trees. We feel light and free. The herbal tea Master Blend comes with silky honey-like linden blossoms, fruity notes of elderflower, and sweet-sour apple. Together, they convey this mood in every cup.


Evening is approaching. The lights of the big city invite us to a sensual adventure. We feel the warmth and follow the rhythm of the music. Everything is possible. That's the taste of this beguiling organic black tea by rich cocoa nibs, zesty orange, and creamy vanilla.


What a day. We have experienced so much. We have to digest our impressions. We are looking for our inner center. This traditional yogi-inspired Ayurvedic blend, with notes of cinnamon, ginger and clove, helps us to do so. It energises and grounds us at the same time. 


The days are slowly getting longer, but it still takes time until we can enjoy spring and warmer temperatures. To ignite our inner warmth, this energising organic chai master blend based on Assam tea was created. For the composition of this masala spice blend, in addition to Indian black tea, among other things, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, cloves, green cardamom and pepper are used. Everything from guaranteed organic cultivation.

It is worth diving into the diversity of jazz and discovering exciting new developments in addition to the classics. A cup of our Master Blends definitely goes well with this. So all our senses come into their own.

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