What’s in our cup: water, refreshed

The very nature of water is one of inevitability. Making up 60% of the human body, 75% of the earth’s surface, and 98% of a cup of tea – water is both around us and within us. It should come as no surprise that water holds the top spot for most consumed beverage in the world, with tea close behind in second place. The two are scarcely in competition for the crown, however, because they work in tandem. Infusion turns to alchemy as tea leaves transform with the water’s warming touch. And as is the case with any chemical reaction, the catalyst is key to the finished product. When it comes to tea, that catalyst is water.  

Over a thousand years ago during China’s Tang Dynasty, the tea master Lu Yu made two astute observations regarding water. First, that simply adding salt to boiling water would neutralize any unwarranted flavors present, and second, that the best water for brewing tea comes from the center of a swiftly moving mountain stream. By adhering to these simple rules, Lu Yu swore that one could accentuate the flavors of the tea. Despite the tea master’s enduring wisdom, however, the modern water supply network enjoyed by most cities lends itself to complacency. The treated water coursing through our faucets, although safe for drinking, leaves much to be desired when brewing tea. 

That’s why we sourced the finest water filters to ensure the most delicious cup of water. Sporting a filter made of activated coconut shell carbon and charcoal, the BPA-free Soma pitcher protects your water from Chlorine, Mercury, Zinc, Cadmium, Copper, and other unwanted tastes or odors for two months. Available as both a pitcher and a carafe, these stunning pieces are the first step for brewing to perfection. 

Even without the help of antioxidant-rich or calm-inducing tea leaves, drinking water poses a number of health benefits. As such, health professionals recommend adults consume approximate 3 liters of water daily – a number which may change based on other lifestyle considerations like diet and exercise. Ayurveda, the mind-body practice of wellness upon which we based tea blends like Pure Prana and Deep Asana, also cosigns the importance of drinking water.  Ayurvedic medicine offers specific tips for water consumption, however: drinking only while seated, sipping water slowly rather than gulping it down, and opting for room temperature or warm water. Each action promotes holistic balance through a more gentle means of water intake. 

There are countless advantages to drinking water: boosted cognitive function, well-regulated digestion, improved skin health, and weight loss, to name a few. Conversely, inadequate water consumption can lead to dehydration, impaired organ function, heatstroke, and even joint pain. Adopting simple water-drinking habits such as the ones listed above can mean the difference between health issues and a more healthy life. 

Thirsty for more?  In this video by LUQEL water experts, P & T founder, Jens de Gruyter shares some essentials on water every tea enthusiast should consider. www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzG8po4dObo

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