What’s in our cups?

Beyond our very senses, among organic base compounds, ensues an incredible synergy of calming L-Theanine and stimulating caffeine in every pot of tea.

Allow us to begin the new year by sharing a true story. Beyond our very senses, among organic base compounds, ensues an incredible synergy of L-Theanine and caffeine in every pot of tea. Its effects aren’t so simply described, but often enough we sense sharpened focus, mindfulness, and creativity along with our habit to drink fine tea.

What is in our cup? Is a question we will be long-brewing throughout the series.

Tea begins at the system of molecules. A chemical marriage between two cognitive enhancers, with independently opposing tasks that have more to offer when working together. L-Theanine is repeatedly that amino-acid, unique to the tea plant camellias sinensis. Though often mistaken for caffeine in tea, in essence it does the opposite by acting as a relaxant. To reduce stress response and lower hormones in our brains and keep our heart rate and blood pressure at safe levels. For many, its most rewarding quality is in generating a consistent steady flow of alpha brain waves, a calm neural state which we associate with mindful thinking and creative output.  

On the other hand there is caffeine, a popular stimulant occuring in some 60 plant species, known and used widely to help stay alert and awake. Caffeine works by tricking us into thinking we are not tired by blocking the absorption of adenosine, a substance that signals the brain to go into sleep mode. While benefits are plentiful, it is rather short-lived and can take a downturn pretty quickly: post-caffeine jitters, irritability, and anxiety from having one glass too many. Imagine the stress of living in a near-constant state of biochemical imbalance, particularly on the heart and central nervous system. 

In natural accordance, these two ingredients come together in tea. Like a bowl of iron containing the spread of fire, L-Theanine calms the vigorous nature of caffeine. By moderating our absorption of it and stretching the activity of the compound over a longer period of time, we avoid a caffeine-spike and alert responses that come with it. This biological pair is well-recognised now since science found a way to isolate it into supplements and gave it accomplishing names like the focus blend, bio-energy, and serene-caffeine. The observance is the significant role of L-Theanine in taming a healthy balance in our hectic modern day lives. 

Though, we prefer it with a cup of tea.  

Tea is to us a simple credo on well-being and undoubtedly a great habit to imbue into a daily ritual. We leave you, dear reader, with an introduction on tea alchemy and hopefully a deeper appreciation of balance as a natural order for well-being. 


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