What's in our cups: wellness teas

It's about finding your balance. A healthy and happy life is based on finding your inner balance. Like an old tree deeply rooted into the forest ground below so that its branches can explore the sky with ease. When we are fully present, we have the strength to calmly face any challenge with curiosity. More often though, our balance is fragile and our daily routine threatens to fall apart around us.

The holistic principles of Ayurveda can be a grounding force and strengthen your emotional immune system. Ayurveda, literally meaning the teachings of life, looks at a person in its entirety. The aim is to bring body, soul, spirit and all senses into balance with help of the Doshas, our so-called endogenous energies. They are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata is dry and agile, a tiny ball of energy moving you through the day. When Vata is in balance, then you feel light and creative yourself, like a young foal carelessly galloping over lusheus fields. Pitta is the dosha of transformation and responsible for your body heat and digestion. You can imagine Pitta as a burning kiln, warming your body during crisp winter nights, as long as you regularly feed it with crackling timber. Associated with the elements of water and earth is Kapaha; it seeks tranquility. Think of the inner stability you experience when floating in a forest lake, only the rustling trees surrounding you.

Doshas are positively influenced by a regular meditation and gentle yoga practice. Ayurveda also traces how certain foods or spices affect our body in stimulating, soothing or cleansing ways. Inspired by this 5000 year old tradition, we have put together a range of ayurvedic herbal teas to support you in keeping your balance.

For instance if you want to strengthen your Vata, we would recommend a vitalizing cup of our caffeine-free organic PURE PRANA N°809.  This authentic Ayurvedic herbal blend stimulates with fresh notes of peppermint and cleansing lemongrass. Common in ayurvedic teas is spicy ginger, as this immune system boosting root functions as an effective natural killer of germs. Brightening your day, PURE PRANA N°809 is a life force to be reckoned with.

Our aromatic DEEP ASANA N°806 feels energizing and grounding at the same time. This sensual and round tea blend uses only pure organic spices of superior provenance. Fragrant green cardamom, celebrated as the queen of spices in India, meets soul-warming cinnamon. And the power of fiery ginger combined with hearty cloves drives out even the most stubborn colds.

Meditation is a founding element of Ayurveda, but even modern science agrees: Having a regular meditation practice de-stresses the body and verifiably enables deeper and more relaxing sleep. The term, meditation, derives from the Latin word meditari for contemplation and practice. When we meditate, we continuously practice to arrive at and observe the present moment. Practice is the best master. And the master understands that the aim is to keep practicing.

Internationally acclaimed author and therapist, Yvonne Dolan, developed an effective meditation exercise for beginners. We invite you to join us in Dolan’s 5-4-3-2-1-Exercise, in which you turn your attention exclusively on your five senses. Brew yourself a steaming cup of our flowery herbal blend SWEET LULLABY N°816 and relax into your favourite place in your flat. Deeply breathe in. And slowly breathe out.

What five things can your eyes see? Maybe you notice new growth on your plant. Contemplate the curve of your tea cup’s handle. Take it in.

Now touch four items around you. Feel the comforting heat radiating from your cup. Brush your fingers over the cool wooden desk. How is the underside of your chair textured? Feel it.

What can you hear? Concentrate on three sounds. Maybe a bird is singing outside. Listen to the murmur of pipes and your own breath swaying through the air. Really listen.

Breath in. What two scents do you notice? Can you smell apple-sweet chamomile rising up from your tea? Are the fine citrus notes tingling your nose? Deeply breathe in. 

At last, we taste. Take a sip of SWEET LULLABY and trace each note on your tongue and the soothing heat in your throat. Notice how sweet honey slowly takes over from fruity hops and delicate rose. Really notice the flavor of the moment.

By the way: You can try all of the above tea blends in our practical HERBAL VARIETY BOX, also available as tea bags. Additionally, you will find two more caffeine free herbal teas supporting body, mind and wellness. The flamboyant organic fruit tea BERRY POMP N°819, and our delightfully refreshing organic UNTER DEN LINDEN N°818, made of linden, elderflower, and apple.


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