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Box of Black
  • A selection of fine black teas,6 individual sample packs | Box of Black
A selection of fine black teas

Box of Black

6 individual sample packs

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There is much to discover in the world of black tea. Here to help you along the way is our P & T Box of Black containing 6 select tasting packs from our exquisite range of fine black teas.
The box's thick textured paper and elaborate folding technique make it the perfect gift for tea novices and enthusiast alike, while its extraordinary variety of flavors - from rich almond to fruity florals and velvety caramel and chocolate - will surprise even the most seasoned tea drinker.

A selection of fine black teas,6 individual sample packs |Box of Black

Were it not for geographical circumstance, European tea traditions could have turned out very differently. While the tea drunk at origin in China was primarily of the green kind, by the time it reached the European continent, it had fully oxidized and turned black.

This did not stop it, however, from becoming the most fashionable, if expensive, beverage among European high society, and, by the late 19th century, advancing to become the favorite drink of the British Empire. Since those early days, black tea has spread far and wide, leaving us with a wealth of varieties from the malty Assams of India to the bright Ceylons of Sri Lanka to the golden tips of southwest China.

Box of Black

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