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Box of Green
  • A selection of fine green teas,6 individual sample packs | Box of Green
A selection of fine green teas

Box of Green

6 individual sample packs

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There is much to discover in the world of green tea. Here to help you along the way is our P & T Box of Green containing 6 select tasting packs from our exquisite range of fine green teas.
The box's thick textured paper and elaborate folding technique make it the perfect gift for tea novices and enthusiast alike, while its extraordinary variety of flavors - from nutty-sweet fruit to rich and malty barley and fresh grass - will surprise even the most seasoned tea drinker.

A selection of fine green teas,6 individual sample packs |Box of Green

There are considerable variations in the rich tea-making traditions of China, Japan and Korea, explaining the differences in aroma, taste and appearance of the resultant green tea. Whatever the variety, however, the tea leaves harvested undergo a careful process of rolling, drying and heating to halt oxidation.

Elixir of life and spirit, green teas have been consumed throughout Asia for many centuries – its energizing and revitalizing effects being increasingly validated by scientific studies. But leaving aside for a moment the plethora of positive effects on body and mind, it's the taste and the sheer variety of the category that makes it a winner.

Box of Green

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