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Box of Original Scents
  • A selection of fine scented teas,6 individual sample packs | Box of Original Scents
A selection of fine scented teas

Box of Original Scents

6 individual sample packs

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There is much to discover in the world of fine tea. Here to help you along the way is our P & T Box of Original Scents containing 6 select tasting packs from our exquisite range of fine scented and blended teas.
The box's thick textured paper and elaborate folding technique make it the perfect gift for tea novices and enthusiast alike, while its extraordinary variety of flavors - from decadent rose to tangy citrus and or full-bodied vanilla - will surprise even the most seasoned tea drinker.

A selection of fine scented teas,6 individual sample packs |Box of Original Scents

The practice of scenting tea is centuries old. During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), when processing of loose, whole-leaf tea first came into usage, makers experimented by adding flowers and fruits to both tea and tea cup to delight courtly drinkers.

Over time, such scenting agents as the jasmine flower and the rose as well as the use of pinewood-fueled fire to create smoky lapsang souchong tea became popular tea aromatics. At P & T, we draw our inspiration from this noble tradition, creating refined scents and blends from high-quality base teas and 100%-natural aromas of precious flowers, spices and essential oils.

Box of Original Scents

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