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Dark & Stormy
  • Black Tea |  | EU Standard | Dark & Stormy
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Black Tea No 521

Dark & Stormy

  East Friesian black tea blend with strong body, color and flavour. malty, astringent, subtly smoky

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Like the English with their English breakfast and Indian with their Chai, Germany has their East Friesian blend from Lower Saxony. Dark & Stormy is an hommage to the beautiful coastline of Frisia, a part of Germany famous for its passionate tea consumption and tea culture.

No. Infusions 1
Amount (tsp. / ml) 4g (2 tsp) / 250ml
Temperature 100 °C
Black Tea |  | EU Standard | Dark & Stormy

Frisian tea culture dates back to the beginning of the 17th century with the first import of the Dutch East India Company, who introduced tea to Germany as a medicinal product. It was not long before it gained popularity and became a commonplace in the East Frisian home, served to visitors or with every meal, the saying goes drinking it at least three times a day is the East Frisian way. This blend type has a distinctly strong body, color and flavour, that comes from a blend of strong black teas with a dominant ingredient of tea from Assam. It is fondly served in small porcelain cups with cream sweetened with kluntjes, a rock candy sugar that melts slowly, ensuring every cup has sweet kick.
Black Tea |  | EU Standard | Dark & Stormy


malty, astringent, subtly smoky


Black Tea Blend


EU Standard

Dark & Stormy

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