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Earl Grey Vodka Kit
  • Earl Grey Tea,Set for infusing vodka with tea | Earl Grey Vodka Kit
Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Vodka Kit

Set for infusing vodka with tea

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Earl Grey Tea,Set for infusing vodka with tea |Earl Grey Vodka Kit

A classic with a twist, our Golden Earl offers a rich and refined take on that ever-popular staple of scented teas, Earl Grey. Imbued with just the right amount of real Sicilian bergamot oil, our golden-bud black tea adds subtle accents of caramel and dried fruit to the mix and infuses with vodka to create a warm and zesty drink – delicious straight-up, or with ice and tonic water for a long drink like you’ve never had it before. Recipe included in kit.

Read more about Vodka Tea Infusion Kits and add a fun twist to your home-bar with our original tea cocktail recipes.


Earl Grey Tea,Set for infusing vodka with tea |Earl Grey Vodka Kit


Origin: Germany


  • Our/Berlin Vodka 350ml, 37.5% vol.
  • N° 704 Golden Earl Scented Black Tea - 6g
  • Infusion Tea Filter

1. Tear open tea sachet and empty its contents into tea filter.
2. Insert tea filter into your bottle of Our/Berlin, making sure tea leaves are submerged.
3. Fasten tea filter by closing bottle with removable cap.
4. Leave to steep at room temperature overnight before removing tea filter, or leave longer for a more potent infusion.
5. Enjoy straight up, or as an exciting twist to your favorite cocktails and long drinks.

Enjoy responsibly

Earl Grey Vodka Kit

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