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Gent's Choice
  • Box of six fine teas,A selection of dashing refined teas | Gent's Choice
Box of six fine teas

Gent's Choice

A selection of dashing refined teas

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Box of six fine teas,A selection of dashing refined teas |Gent's Choice

A dandy's affair

With his impeccable appearance and catchy witticisms, the dandy left a mark like none other on the urban cityscape at the close of the 19th century. His aura of sophistication never failed to impress in the salons of the day, where knowledge of the finer things was essential. Ever the connoisseur, the dandy would have settled for no less than the finest teas, diligently refining his palate to distinguish between countries of origin, quality levels and aromas. We created this collection of exquisite teas for the dandy of today, a sophisticated selection to tickle the taste buds and cultivate a penchant for subtle pleasures.

Gent's Choice

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