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Herbals, India Organic Bio No 805


  Spicy and warming dried ginger herbal infusion with citrus notes spicy, tangy, citrus, hot

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Back to the roots. Ginger’s inimitable, spicy-sweet heat has long been prized as a potent household remedy. Freeze-dried right after harvest, our gold nuggets retain every bit of the aroma and active ingredients that ‘fresh’ ginger loses on its transport around the world.

No. Infusions 1
Amount (tsp. / ml) 1 ½ / 250
Temperature 90-100 °C
Herbals | Pure Herbal Tea | Organic Bio | India, India | Ginger

Derived from the Old French gingibre for spirit, spunk or temper, ginger has been prized for its aromatic, culinary and medicinal properties for thousands of years – mentioned in countless ancient medical treatises from China and India all the way to the Middle East. Also known as the “root of health,” this fragrant panacea brews up a wonderfully spicy and exotic cup – equally delicious hot or cold. It’s all cut and dried on the P & T ginger front: treat these golden nuggets to an extended stint in the pot to unleash their succulent zing – adding honey, brown sugar, sliced lemon or a touch of orange peel for that final touch.
Herbals | Pure Herbal Tea | Organic Bio | India, India | Ginger


spicy, tangy, citrus, hot


Organic ginger pieces (cut, dried)


Organic Bio


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