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Golden Chamomile
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Herbals, Germany No 813

Golden Chamomile

  delicate, aromatic, soothing

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Though from very different worlds, Ra and Baldr, sun gods in Egyptian and Norse mythology, both held the mighty chamomile flower sacred. With its potent soothing powers, a golden infusion of the floral herb is as rejuvenating as the sun's warm rays.

No. Infusions 1
Amount (tsp. / ml) 1-2 / 250
Temperature 90-100 °C
Golden Chamomile

In Norse mythology, it is said that when Baldr, the god of sun and light, enters a room, he fills it with cheerfulness and joy. It's hardly surprising the bright and sprightly chamomile was devoted to him and, to this day, is still known as "Balder's brow" in parts of northern Europe. Though luminous as the sun, this powerful bloom is more than just a visual tribute to its mythological patron. Its warm and aromatic infusion soothes and relaxes, promotes good circulation and brightens the spirit. Such curative talents could hardly go unnoticed, which is why the fragrant chamomile is revered as one of the most popular herbal remedies from the deserts of North Africa to the icy reaches of northern Europe.
Golden Chamomile


delicate, aromatic, soothing


Chamomile flowers


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