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Green Panda
  • Green Tea |  | EU Standard | Germany | Green Panda
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Green Tea No 326

Green Panda

  A rejuvenating blend of green tea, super-fruits and cleansing herbs. orange, fresh green, bamboo

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A rejuvenating blend of green tea, super-fruits and refreshing herbs. This powerful infusion is packed with beautifying ingredients to restore good energy and vitality. Refreshing, hydrating, energizing - a true powerhouse of carefully chosen, naturally balancing components.

No. Infusions 2
Amount (tsp. / ml) 4 / 250
Temperature 90 °C
Green Tea |  | EU Standard | Germany | Green Panda

The main ingredient of this blend is green tea, whose well-being benefits cover almost every territory of the body and extend into the mind. Its wealth of restoring properties works to rid the body of unhealthy substances and bring good energy and vitality, making it a popularly sought agent for getting rid of bad substances in your body. The L-Theanine rich green tea encourages “mindful alertness” to which we added a variety of balancing herbs like blackberry leaves, bamboo leaves, stinging nettle leaves, lemongrass, goji berries and more. Take full advantage of the combination of rejuvenating power nature has to offer.

Green tea

Strengthens the body's natural immune system and increases natural enzyme activity in the liver

Bamboo leaves

Rich in silica and dietary fibers which aids digestion and cleaning of harmful cholesterol in the bloodstream

Blackberry leaves

An abundance of antioxidants which help protect against free radicals and toxins

Stinging nettle leaves

A natural diuretic and rich in flavonoids, vitamins and minerals

Rosehip & Goji berries

Vitamin C rich immune system boosters that will help absorbe the beneficial substances in tea


Contains citral which boosts metabolism and helps burn calories

Green Tea |  | EU Standard | Germany | Green Panda


orange, fresh green, bamboo


Green Tea (60%), bamboo leaf, Sweet blackberry leaves, stinging nettle, lemongrass, rosehip peel, black tea, peppermint, orange slices, goji berry, safflower petals, sunflower petals, natural orange aroma, pink peppercorn, liquorice root, crushed chillis


EU Standard

Green Panda

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