Box of Teas, MoMA Edition

Celebrating and advancing fine tea and tea culture

for a fulfilling and creative modern lifestyle has stood
at the heart of P & T’s philosophy from the very beginning. That’s why P & T is especially proud to present the result of our collaboration with New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA): a specially designed limited edition gift box containing six of our finest teas and herbals with artwork by Berlin-based artist Yago Hortal.

MoMA Box of Tea is available exclusively at MoMA Store and P & T.

MoMA Box of Tea

Given that tea clears the cobwebs, fuels the mind, and spurs creativity, it should come as little surprise that some of history’s greatest creatives were avid tea fans who made the drink part of their hallowed creative rituals. Make tea a part of yours!

The MoMA Box of Tea brings together 6 extraordinary teas and herbals in one specially designed box set that offers the perfect entry point to the world of fine teas. Each set contains an illustrated fanfold that sheds light on the cultivation, history, and aromatic character of each tea.


"A boxing match of colors" – Meet the artist Yago Hortal

Bright, fluorescent acrylics smeared over white canvases in bold, abstract brush strokes, marbled or splattered, thick layers of paint dripping off the canvas – Berlin-based artist Yago Hortal creates wonderfully expressive paintings that pop with color and document his constant search for a perfect balance between chaos and order.