With P & T’s new “Teaology” series, learn about tea traditions that are rooted in the history of its origins and how these traditions are being translated and applied in our contemporary lives. We begin this series by spotlighting the motherland of teas, China

With more than 1000 different varieties and almost 5000 years of tea culture, it’s no wonder China is considered the heartland of tea and tea culture.

Discover Chinese tea


Kung Fu Tea

Taste the full potential of your tea with the Chinese brewing technique, Gongfu. The method of connoisseurs, it is a refined skill that carries with it an essence of artistry. Brew your fine tea with Gongfu and be guided through the subtleties of its story.

Gongfu (or “Kungfu” in Cantonese) is a Chinese principle that embodies the development of a skill with patience and awareness. By using a smaller brewing pot and more tea leaves than usual, the concentrated liquor reveals a story through its multiple infusions. The unfolding narrative of the tea will lead you on a journey through its spectrum of characteristics: flavors, appearances, textures, until its parting gift – the pleasant “teahigh”.

Teas to brew Gongfu

Astral Moments


These downy white buds and silky black leaves upon first appearance is striking. The youngest buds and high quality leaves are hand-picked through a thick mist that settles under the morning moonlight and air-withered at sunrise. A unique one with a celestial touch, try this Bai Mu Dan type white tea from Yunnan with Gongfu brewing and be tantalized by its sensually smooth mouthfeel.


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