We presented five Master Blends in the calm and contemporary environment of Artek’s showroom at Bikini Berlin earlier this month. Find out about our ongoing cooperation with Artek Berlin.

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9. March 2017

Tea’s wealth of rejuvenating and healing properties work to strengthen the body’s natural immune system and support healthy neurological processes, making it a popular agent of detoxification and source of antioxidants.

2. February 2017

P & T Artist Series aims to pull our attention back to the experience, from where the hands hug the cup. Discover our latest additions to the collection from Berlin-based ceramist, Lars Kanter.

20. January 2017

P & T is excited to present the new collection from Takashi Endo. The silver pieces from the self-taught Japanese potter, are as striking as the moon in the midnight sky. The thin, rigid forms of his teaware support the textured silver glaze, making each piece shine with an ethereal mystique.

12. January 2017

P & T’s Vogue Box is our latest collaboration of six fine teas and herbals selected by Vogue, boxed within the romantic visual language of Parisian artist Coco Brun. We caught up with Coco to find out her creative inspirations behind this collaboration.

5. October 2016

Our corner of Mitte was lit in the spirit of celebration on Thursday 29th with the launch of our new line of P & T Master Blends. Check out the photos from the evening.

5. April 2016

On March 31st we had ourselves a vivacious evening with the launch of our Matcha Vodka Infusion Kit. Here are some impressions of the event.

15. March 2016

Try a different kind of Matcha. Travel to the future of cocktails making and read about our rip-roaring Matcha-Vodka.