Our Sakura Bliss herbal infusion is made from the hand-picked leaves of wild Japanese cherry trees. Find out more about how this rare treasure is made.

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29. March 2017

Alex Bohn, founder of Fair-a-porter presents Me Time / Tea Time, how to destress with a simple tea meditation with a simple, yet beautiful ritual: A tea meditation based on the Japanese tea ceremony.  Have a look at her four-step-guide and you will be just a cup of tea away from pure bliss.

13. July 2016

With more than 1000 different varieties and almost 5000 years of tea culture, it’s no wonder China is considered the heartland of tea and tea culture.

21. April 2016

We have made a selection of our favorite teas from Japan to highlight their interpretations of nature’s nuances. Read more about it in our journal.

4. June 2015

Our purple tea is the result of a special tea varietal developed and grown uniquely in Kenya. Learn what makes this health-boosting tea truly special.

22. April 2015

Jasmine tea dates back to Song Dynasty China, making it not only the most popular floral-infused tea, but also the oldest. Read the full story of this intoxicating beauty.

25. March 2015

Sen no Rikyu, a tea master in the 16th century, created a legacy that still lives on strong today in the tea rooms of Japan and in the hearts of its people.