Tea Recipe: Spicy Choco Chai

Whip up a warming cup of aromatic chocolate chai tea with our Hariman Classic Chai blend.

Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, December is a tough month: cold, gray, grim and blustery. Oof, it’s going to be a long winter. What helps: finding comfort in the simple things. Candlelight. Good friends. Warm socks. Cradling a mug of something hot and sweet in your hands.

Few things are as comforting at this time of year as a hot drink, which is why we chose Hariman Classic as our Tea of the Month: a zippy, zesty organic chai blend based on traditional Ayurvedic recipes that will warm you from head to toe. Add some creamy milk and rich chocolate — even better.

Anna, manager of our concept store in Berlin-Charlottenburg, conjured up this delicious Spicy Choco Chai in the shop’s kitchen. It’s a quick and satisfying treat that will take the edge off any winter’s day. Check out her recipe below.


Ingredients: (makes two servings)
2 cups of milk (rice, soy or almond milk can also be substituted)
2 tablespoons of our Hariman Classic Chai
2 tablespoons of grated dark chocolate
Place all three ingredients in a small saucepan and heat to just under a boil, stirring regularly. Reduce heat and simmer gently for about 3 minutes. The longer you leave the mixture to infuse, the spicier it will get.
Pour through a fine-meshed strainer into two mugs, and garnish with a sprinkling of grated chocolate. Sip slowly and daydream of a sunny trip to, say, India.

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