As with the English and their English Breakfast, the Indian and their Chai, Germany has their East Friesland blend from Lower Saxony. Dark and Stormy is our new black tea blend that infuses a cup of intense body and dark red color. To preserve the tradition of the East Frisian tea culture, we have created a rare blend that is to be enjoyed with sugar and milk.


Dark & Stormy is an hommage to the beautiful coastline of Frisia, a part of Germany famous for its passionate tea consumption and tea culture. Frisian tea culture dates back to the beginning of the 17th century with the first import of the Dutch East India Company, who introduced tea to Germany as a medicinal product. It was not long before it gained popularity and became a commonplace in the East Frisian home, served to visitors or with every meal, the saying goes drinking it at least three times a day is the East Frisian way.

This blend type has a distinctly strong body, color and flavour, that comes from a blend of strong black teas with a dominant ingredient of tea from Assam. It is fondly served in small porcelain cups with cream sweetened with kluntjes, a rock candy sugar that melts slowly, ensuring every cup has sweet kick.


malty, astringent, subtly smoky