Exceptional Teas

Far-flung tea farms around the world gave rise to some of the highlights of our collection, from Kenyan silver needle to exquisite wild cherry leaves.

Discover some of our most exceptional teas.

Silver Sindano

An award-winning, first-flush white tea from Kenya, Silver Sindano is a prime example of how China’s white tea tradition has metamorphosed into new and exciting variants. Only the tenderest buds of the early spring harvest are picked then sun-dried at low temperatures to retain the tea’s unique flavor and beautiful white down.

As with all gems, this one was not the easiest to find, though its intriguingly complex flavor profile makes it well worth the effort.

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Oriental Beauty

The captivating beauty shines a spotlight on Taiwan’s excellent oolongs. The white-tipped tea varietal is grown under organic conditions to attract the small green leafhopper, whose nibbling activates the leaves’ natural defenses to lend the tea its distinctive citrus-like note.

The beautiful results of this unusual production method have been prized around the world since the 19th century — Taiwan’s first oolong export. Each infusion of the colorful leaves rewards with a lustrous orange cup fragrant with notes of bright peach.

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Korea primarily produces green teas, which makes this outstanding black tea even more of a rarity. Plucked and processed by hand in the stunning Jiri Mountains, this one-of-a-kind specialty yields an incredible five steeps – each as rich and full-bodied as the next.

The leaves undergo a prolonged oxidation kick-started by early-morning dew, followed by vigorous roasting to round off the complex flavor with hearty notes of malt. Subtle whiffs of wild greens and vanilla and a soft cocoa finish make this black tea a delicacy to be savored time and time again.

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Sakura Bliss

The Japanese custom of hanami, or “flower viewing,” reaches as far back as the Heian Period (794 -1185), when the emperor began hosting parties under the blooming branches of the imperial court’s cherry trees – inspiring poets to praise the flowers’ ephemeral beauty.

Processed in the style of oolong teas, these wild cherry leaves capture that colorful spectacle of sakura, or cherry blossom, in a fruity cup balanced with delicate notes of almond – allowing us to revel in rose-colored dreams all year round.

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