Every spring, the Japanese eagerly await the blooming of their nation’s cherry trees, which marks the beginning of the hanami festival.

Inspired by that celebration of the sakura flowers’ fleeting beauty, we’ve selected some favorite Japanese teas and complementary accessories to ring in the season.

Tea Leaves

Marking the end of many months of winter, the sudden appearance of the sakura blossom every April is a breathtaking thrill. Because cherry trees bloom in one simultaneous, glorious wave before shedding their delicate petals in the wind, the Japanese revere the flower as a symbol of the transience of life and tie it into the concept of mono no aware, the wistful sadness about the transience of life and love.

The Japanese tradition of hanami, or flower watching, dates back to the 8th century. It’s an occasion for people to gather under the blossoming trees to picnic with their loved ones, taking in the fleeting beauty before it’s gone. It’s a tradition we take inspiration from at every time of year, appreciating the beauty in every cup of tea, sip by sip.