How To Cold Brew

Never tried cold brewing your tea? You don’t know what you’re missing. Brewing in cold water results in a sweeter infusion with more complex aromas because catechins, the compounds that can make oversteeped tea taste bitter, are released only very slowly with cold brewing. Meanwhile, the tea can unfurl all the complex flavors that can dissipate when brewed too hot.

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Measure out 4 generous teaspoons (12–16 grams) of tea and add to your Cylinder Pot.


Top with 1 liter of cold, filtered water (up to the pot’s 1000 ml mark).

Place in refrigerator and leave to steep.


Alternatively, leave the tea to infuse at room temperature instead of refrigerating it, which shortens brewing time by a few hours. The flavor profile, however, will be different from the dramatically slow extraction in the fridge, which enhances the super-smooth, sweet quality for which cold-brewing is known.


Once your cold brew has infused to your liking, decant the tea into a serving pitcher. It’s also fine to leave the leaves in, though this will affect the flavor.

Save the leaves because they can be cold-brewed a second time – oolong and white teas are especially well-suited for this.

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