Jun Chiyabari

An organic tea garden in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal from which our finest teas are sourced. Find out why this young and ambitious tea garden is winning the hearts of tea connoisseurs.

Jun Chiyabari is the Nepali translation of Moon Tea Garden – a personification of the 75 hectares of young tea bushes spread around the hills of Hile, Nepal. At 1800m above sea level and enjoying the panorama of the world’s most highest peaks and notable views, this tea garden is praised for their high grade teas and respected for the socially responsible hands that procure it.


Since 2001, they have fostered a name which honors the history of tea and the surrounding local community. Jun Chiyabari supports a collection of tea garden smallholders, who work in close contact with the tea garden. The tea leaves once harvested are then sent to the the central warehouse where it is carefully processed and crafted in the style and standards of Jun Chiyabari.

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Through all levels of the operation, you observe a team comprising of local women who radiate as a result of social responsibility and transparent practices. This side of Hile contradicts Patriarchy, and with an operational aim of community development not only the women directly involved, but the impoverished hillside community can benefit from the philanthropic flow-over. It is no doubt that Jun Chiyabari’s respected name within the community has been well-earned.


Unlike conventional monoculture tea production, one can observe mixed varieties of tea bushes from India, Taiwan, Japan, and Nepal intermingling in the gardens of Jun Chiyabari. This, in combination with the Nepalese highland terroir and the refined skill-set of their tea masters defy tea categories, enabling room for each tea to be unique. With sophisticated minds and attitudes engaged in the rich terroir of Nepal, you can expect one to get excited over an ever-changing landscape of tea. 

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 Image credit: Jun Chiyabari

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