To Market, To Market

Come visit us at our twice-weekly tea stand in Kreuzberg’s Markthalle Neun, the thriving epicenter of Berlin’s new grassroots culinary culture.

It takes mere minutes to heat up the kettle, shake some tea leaves into a pot, and brew a perfect cup. But before that moment were hundreds or even thousands of hours of painstaking labor, from cultivation to harvest to the steaming, firing and rolling of the precious leaves. Because we believe that the people behind the product matter, we source our teas from small-scale, mostly family-run tea gardens around the world, making it a priority to personally get to know our producers in order to foster a sense of mutual respect and gratitude.

It’s also why we love having a tea stand at Markthalle Neun, the historic market hall that has become the thriving epicenter of Berlin’s new grassroots culinary culture.

Markthalle stand

Every weekend, we sell our teas and serve freshly brewed cups alongside farmers hawking organic produce and free-range eggs, cheese mongers weighing out pungent wedges of their delicious wares, microbrewers tapping kegs of their craft beer, and bakers who spent the morning kneading dough right there on site. Across from our stand are lush bouquets of fair-trade, seasonal flowers on offer; over against the other wall is a fishery smoking sustainably caught seafood.

Like no other place in Berlin, the Markthalle illustrates just how delicious it can be to connect with the people behind the things we consume. It’s a return to the hall’s origins at the turn of the century, a time when food was still grown and sold by people, not corporations.

It wasn’t always this way: From the 1970s until recently, the hall was taken over by a few dreary discount stores and not much else, but that all changed a few years back when a team of culinary dreamers took over to revitalize the place, turning it into the thriving hub for food and food culture it is today.

Come visit us at our tea stand every Thursday evening during Street Food Thursday nights and all day Saturdays during the farmers’ market. You’ll find us soaking up the atmosphere and serving our teas either in to-go cups or in pots to sit, sip and savor.

Main image / Middle image: Matt Karwen / Bottom images: Nicola Holtkamp via Creative Commons