The Wonders
of Matcha


Discover the P & T matcha collection, with three vibrant matchas bursting with green tea goodness.

Matcha is finely milled green tea powder made from shade-grown Japanese tea. Bursting with potent antioxidants, matcha delivers a daily dose of energy and creative focus along with a rich flavor experience.

Our matchas are produced the centuries-old way, ground slowly and painstakingly in traditional stone mills. A vital component of Japan’s tea ceremony for centuries, matcha is traditionally prepared in a bowl using a bamboo whisk but has also won over modern-day gourmets as a culinary ingredient and as a daily ritual that’s part of a healthy lifestyle.

Shinto Matcha

The perfect matcha for everyday. Revitalizing and enlightening for a daily dose of Zen and antioxidants.

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Green Lantern

A must in every gourmet’s kitchen, this is the perfect matcha for culinary adventures. Also delicious as a cold brew.

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Konomi Do

Matcha connoisseurs will appreciate the fresh, playful sweetness of this ceremonial-grade matcha, with its creamy mouthfeel and delicately toasty finish.


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Matcha In 4 Easy Steps

Make matcha a part of your daily source of calm and health with our easy preparation technique.

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