Our new spring crush

Matcha is winning over hearts around the world as a flavorful ingredient in lattes and smoothies. But why stop there? With spring slowly but surely kicking in and many sunny days and warm evenings ahead, we’re providing you with a cool and exciting twist to your favorite long drinks and cocktail classics: our limited edition Matcha Tea Infusion Kit.



Matcha Infusion Kit

Infusing matcha in vodka is super easy: simply add matcha powder to your bottle of Our/Vodka and shake well. Thanks to its powdered form, the infusion is ready to serve right away, imparting a radiant green glow and the delicious bittersweetness of pure, stone-milled Japanese green tea to your favorite spring drinks. Enjoy straight-up, or with ice and gingerale for a long drink to ring in warm evenings in congenial company.



White tea Kit

Some of you may remember last year’s aromaticPu Er Bai Ya infusion kit. By popular demand, we’ve decided to reinvigorate our favorite white tea kit by giving it its own box design. Cultivated amidst the forests of the ancient homeland of tea, Yunnan, our Pu Er Bai Ya white tea infuses in vodka to make a fresh and floral-sweet drink, enlivened by wafts of resinous wood notes. Paired with ice and soda water, and just a spritz of lemon, we couldn’t think of a nicer way to revel in memories of summers past.