Meet Our New Herbals

From wild Japanese cherry tree leaves to rugged Greek mountain shrubs, our eight new herbal infusions offer plenty to discover.

We’re more than a little obsessed with the incredible diversity of aromas and flavors that come from the leaves of the camellia sinensis tea shrub. But we’re also passionate about herbal infusions, those healing and rejuvenating brews created by infusing all manner of roots, spices, herbs, and flowers in a bit of hot water.

For centuries upon centuries and in practically every culture around the world, herbal infusions have been drunk for their medicinal benefits and their soothing abilities – not to mention their refreshing taste. With that formidable legacy in mind, we doubled our collection of herbal infusions with eight new brews to discover, from Japanese wild cherry leaves to petals from local linden trees.

Discover a few of the newcomers below, or click here to visit all the new items in our online shop.



Precious wild cherry leaves from Japan, oxidized to release their intoxicating flavor.

The Japanese have revered the sakura, or cherry blossom, since at least the Heian Period (794 -1185), when Emperor Saga first started the tradition of hanami. These flower-viewing parties would meet under the blooming boughs of imperial cherry trees as the pink blooms heralded the start of spring. Sakura Bliss is carefully processed in the style of oolong teas, with wild cherry leaves that capture that colorful spectacle of hanami in a fruity-sweet cup balanced with delicate notes of almond – allowing us to revel in rose-colored dreams all year round.



The leaves and blossoms of the fabled linden tree make for a healing, sweet brew.

More than 2000 years ago, Slavic and Germanic tribes believed the linden tree had magical, protective powers – a belief that earned it a place at the center of every German village until the 19th century. Unter den Linden is named for the linden-lined Berlin boulevard with a royal history, constructed in 1647 by order of “Great Elector” Frederick William to extend from his palace to the gates of the city. This infusion of delicate linden blooms captures their summery perfume in a honey-sweet cup that will boost the body’s defenses and brighten the spirit.



Warming Ayurvedic ginger livened up lemon peel and a peppermint kick.

Sanskrit for “life force,” prana is the cosmic energy that connects us with the sun and the universe. For thousands of years, one of mankind’s oldest holistic systems of medicine, Ayurveda, has been blending herbs, roots and plants to create energizing, balancing infusions. Our authentic, caffeine-free Pure Prana blend is based on original Ayurvedic recipes, bringing together sweet liquorice, spicy ginger, zesty lemongrass and soothing peppermint in a fresh and sunny cup.