Reserve yourself a moment with tea during those distant journeys. Whichever type of traveling you enjoy, consider a personal tea companion. Here are three travel sets to suit your travel style.

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6. May 2016

An organic tea garden in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal from which our finest teas are sourced. Find out why this young and ambitious tea garden is winning the hearts of tea connoisseurs.

21. April 2016

We have made a selection of our favorite teas from Japan to highlight their interpretations of nature’s nuances. Read more about it in our journal.

5. April 2016

On March 31st we had ourselves a vivacious evening with the launch of our Matcha Vodka Infusion Kit. Here are some impressions of the event.

15. March 2016

Try a different kind of Matcha. Travel to the future of cocktails making and read about our rip-roaring Matcha-Vodka.

10. February 2016

The sun is out, the meadow sparkles and a smell of freshness and deliciousness is in the air. It is time for the new green teas!