Satemwa Estate is one of the oldest tea estates in Malawi who through orthodox methods is producing unique artisanal teas. Alongside this, a focus on social responsibility is defining Satemwa as a respectable purveyor of fine tea.

Satemwa is a family owned tea estate established in 1923 in the Shire Highlands of Malawi. The only specialty tea producer utilizing this terroir, Satemwa have through three generations of trial and error developed unique tea cultivars and processing techniques to lead flavors in tea that cannot be matched by other tea producers.

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Upon the 900ha tea estate of Satemwa, local men and women are employed at all levels of the operation producing orthodox tea in white, green, oolong, and black varieties. For almost 100 years, Satemwa Estate has strengthened its surrounding community with a core set of corporate social responsibilities that aim to support the wellbeing of their workers.

Satemwa is a name that stretches beyond tea. Onsite sits a Satemwa school for 900 students and Satemwa welfare clinic for estate workers and their families. Learning materials, land and housing structures for teachers have been donated to Satemwa. Including social schemes such as scholarships to study, to encourage further learning and to reduce school drop out rates, often seen among children of working-class families in Malawi. 

Through the generations of family lineages that have passed through Satemwa, they continue to provide a positive impact for the community they surround. 

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Our teas from Satemwa

Lapansi Antlers

A little-known white tea rarity from one of Malawi’s original tea estates dating from the 1920’s. Locally referred to as “The Antlers”, these charming, velvety stems are hand-sorted for their unique form.  A radiant peach colored cup, full and highly aromatic.

Chikondi Beads

Stunning in look and taste, this marvel of a tea from Malawi, stretches the limits of its white tea category.  Withered leaves are carefully hand-rolled into little cocoons.  Upon repeated infusions (!), the tea leaf unfurls like a butterfly’s wings for a sublime sunshine-yellow cup.