Spring Forward

Spring is the time when there is summer in the light, and winter in the shades. To cater to these seasons, we’ve made a selection of Herbals; from zesty stimulants to robust Ayurvedics, to keep you bright-eyed and rosy-cheeked, prepared to grace spring.

Unter den Linden

Sunshine in a cup, this caffeine-free, organic, herbal blend is a stand-out from our Master Blend Series. It evokes memories of balmy late afternoons and captures the essence of a stroll underneath the linden trees that line our favorite squares and streets such as Unter den Linden in Berlin.

Silky honey-like linden blossoms, fruity notes of elderflower, and sweet-sour apple combine delightfully in a lively brew that instantly swells the air around it in a delicate, and flourishing scent. The linden tree has been revered in European folklore and literature for it’s protective powers and romantic connotations. A modern take on tradition, enjoy it hot or cold to boost and buoy the spirit.

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Deep Asana


Our authentic Ayurvedic blend of whole spices founded on ancient Indian recipes. Ideal in reconnecting the body and mind, this unique infusion holds phytonutrient components and calming, reviving qualities to make it perfect at anytime of the day.


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Shepherd's Cup


Since the Antiquities Greek shepherds have been gathering wild mountain herb sideritis scardica, the mighty prowess of which is now confirmed by modern science. Each delicate, zesty-fresh cup boosts the memory, raises the spirits and battles bacteria, with hints of anise to boot.


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Green Rooibos


This lively, peachy-sweet herbal packs the vitamins and minerals. A lesser known green variety, these South African schrub leaves are lightly oxidized, similar to green tea. Enjoy it hot or cold for a refreshing isotonic drink.


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Moroccan Mint


An elegant and luscious cousin of peppermint this certified organic spearmint is blended with a smokey Chinese green tea to infuse a zesty liquor with an exotic tang to refresh your vitality. Add a dash of honey for a luscious cup.

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