Ceramic expressions of Takashi Endo

Upon an observer’s eye, Takashi Endo seems to immerse his creative vision in the essence of Enso. The Japanese interpretation of a “circle”, it carries expressions of minimalism, elegance and a strength which drives enlightenment. With each carefully handcrafted piece, one is made to sense the beauty of meaning behind Japanese aesthetics.


The recurring cylindrical formality of Takashi Endo’s ceramics does more than please the eye. With the essence of Ensō (a circular form in Zen Buddhism) interpreted through each hand-crafted piece, one can sense the depth through the beauty of meaning.

close up spout23 close up top close up lid

A Japanese zen perspective guides a minimal aesthetic: simplicity, graceful but imperfect, with a rustic reference to nature, best describes the teaware. A unique mix of lightweight purion clay is thinly spun into muted forms in monochromatic tones: the dark resembles the starry sky; the silver mirrors the moon in the depth of the night; and the light echoes the stream of casted light. Each complexion to navigate an individual journey through tea.

blank space blank space close up pot handle

Observe how each piece evolves over time. The active compounds within the open clay absorb the aromas of its surroundings and matures with the memory of each tea it has brewed. The glazed interior walls of the light pot allows for interchangeable uses of lighter style teas, meanwhile, Endo has left the silver and dark pot unglazed leading a suggestion for darker type black and pu erh teas. Restoring the balance of form and function Takashi Endo’s collection reveals the culmination of his artistic vision.