The Spirit of Tea


Tea opens up new worlds of flavor for curious bartenders and adventurous cocktail aficionados. The complex aromas of fine, whole-leaf tea offer an exciting palette for experimenting with new drinks and updating beloved cocktail classics.


Our all-in-one Vodka Tea Infusion Kits make it easy to create your own tea vodka: Just use the included filter to infuse the tea in vodka overnight. Now available in two new seasonal varieties: Himalaya Vanilla and Golden Earl, with warm, full-bodied flavors to enjoy all through autumn and winter.

Golden Earl


A classic with a twist, our Golden Earl offers a rich and refined take on that ever-popular staple of scented teas, Earl Grey. Imbued with just the right amount of real Sicilian bergamot oil, our golden-bud black tea adds subtle accents of caramel and dried fruit to the mix and infuses with vodka to create a warm and zesty drink – delicious straight-up, or with ice and tonic water for a long drink like you’ve never had. Recipe included in kit.

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Himalaya Vanilla


A match made in heaven, or at least the well-nigh heavenly heights of the Nepalese Himalayas. Cultivated in the fog-stroked gardens of the Mist Valley, our premium black tea displays a fruity cocoa flavor that is perfectly complemented by the wonderful warmth of real, ultra-smooth bourbon vanilla. Our house blend Himalaya Vanilla infuses with vodka to make a warm and floral-sweet drink to be enjoyed straight-up, or with ice and ginger beer for a long drink like you’ve never had. Recipe included in kit.

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  1. Tear open tea sachet and empty contents into tea filter provided.
  2. Insert tea filter into vodka bottle, ensuring tea leaves are fully submerged. Fasten in place by closing bottle with removable cap.
  3. Leave to steep at room temperature for a few hours or overnight — it’s a matter of personal taste. Remove and discard filter.
  4. Keep your tea vodka chilled and enjoy straight up, on the rocks, or mixed into your favorite long drink or cocktail. We’ve found tea vodka and tonic go great together.

A Tea Party To Remember


We had a blast at the launch party for our new Vodka Tea Infusion Kit on May 28. Check out some photos of the evening.


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