The taste of place

Ever since its legendary discovery by Emperor Shennong in 2737 BC, the tea plant camellia sinensis has been embraced across the world bringing forth an incredible spectrum of regional varieties and aromas. When talking about the “taste of a region,” a plant’s “sense of place,” tea lovers often refer to a tea’s terroir, a concept borrowed from the world of wine, where specific valleys and slopes are credited with producing a distinctive taste through their natural and manmade geology.

In short, the term terroir sums up a variety of factors that characterize a plant’s unique flavor: i.e. soil composition, weather conditions, altitude, and the local ecosystem. A tea grown aside a blooming cherry orchard, like our Japanese green tea Sakura Garden, will absorb the trees’ subtly sweet, fruity aroma. At P & T we highlight the beautiful landscapes and rich flavors of our tea growing regions by sourcing our teas directly at origin, from small scale farms grounded in their local traditions. From the rich, red volcanic soil of Kenya, to the crisp, clean mountain air of Nepal, and the tropical floodplains of Assam, discover the incredible bounty of regional flavors and aromas our selection of pure whole-leaf teas has to offer.