Some Like It Hotter

The cold and dreary winter months can be a downright pain. Especially after all the colorful celebrations of gluttonous overindulgence have now come to an end and what’s left are the ungainly months of strained faces and muted color schemes. That’s why we at P & T would like to introduce a selection of not only warming brews, but teas that like it warm themselves…hot actually…and tisanes to be exact.
Tisanes refer to any flavorful infusion of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water and are distinguished from real teas, that must contain the leaves, stems, or buds of the tea plant, camellia sinensis. Their linguistic distinction, however, shouldn’t mask their common origin. Both tisanes and teas were originally part of a wide range of natural remedies for all bodily afflictions, often also leading to aromatic blends of teas and flavorful herbs, flowers, and berries.While tea itself has been religiously revered and celebrated as a natural stimulant, mainly owing to its complexity of flavor and the invigorating effect of its caffeine as an aid to prolonged meditation, herbal tisanes have lead a somewhat quainter life confined to the realms of traditional medicines. From mate and verbena in South America, to mint in Morocco, fragrant spice blends in India, lavender in the Mediterranean, or rooibos in South Africa, the herbs and flowers steeped as tisanes are as diverse as their medicinal effects, ranging from invigoratingly stimulating to soothing and relaxing.
At P & T, we pay homage to this immense wealth of flavors with our P & T Herbal series of fine tisanes, comprising a wide range of aromatic herbs for those in search of a caffeine-free cup. And as for preparation, well, we think it only fitting to introduce these heat loving herbs during the months of winter’s cold embrace. Because, unlike tea leaves, which are more sensitive to heat and are generally steeped in shorter stints, tisanes are comfortably brewed at steamier temperatures and are much more forgiving if ever forgotten in the pot. That being said, these calorific infusions are just as versatile in consumption as their fine tea counterparts, and can be enjoyed as a warming winter’s brew, or chilled in summer as a cooling refreshment. So don’t fret about the weather when you can enjoy a steamy session or two with our coquettish teases, our P & T herbal tisanes.