Tea Travels

Reserve yourself a moment with tea during those distant journeys. Whichever type of traveling you enjoy, consider a personal tea companion. Here are three travel sets to suit your travel style.

We suggest bundling your travel pot in our Furoshiki tea towel, a Box of Six, and a thermos filled with hot water to be prepared for discovery.


Be-Bop Contemporary

Our modern Be-Bop travel set allows the enjoyment of tea on the move for those urban travelers searching for a city break. Nestle on the grassy bank of the River Thames just outside the Tate Modern after a morning meander through the echoing chambers, and savor the gentle verdant of our vibrant Japanese green tea, Kukicha, from our MoMA box of six. Pocket a few teabags of our Unter den Linden Master Blend – a remedy when longing for home.
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Beaker Visionary

Intended for those that veer off the beaten path, our Beaker travel set can accompany that quest for authenticity. Enjoy our honey-smooth Savanna Gold from our Wild Child box of six while nestled in the panoramic center of the Mozambique coastline. Alternatively, embrace the serene spectacle ahead and dip your senses into the intimate aromas of chocolate and vanilla with our Les Métrofolies Master Blend, now available in hand-sewn muslin teabags.
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Gaiwan Customary

A traditional Gaiwan can be the ideal accompaniment for a journey towards things of personal significance. Explore the beauty in diversity of the fine tea selections in our Noblesse Oblige box of six during those afternoon pauses by the ethereal temples dotted through the Sacred Mountains of China, and remember to pack two communion sipping cups for shared experiences.
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How to Furoshiki wrap

We recommend using our P & T cotton tea towel like a Furoshiki; a Japanese wrapping cloth, to bundle and protect your travel sets when on the move.

Follow these simple steps to keep your travel sets secure:

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