A Tea Party To Remember


We had a blast at the launch party for our new Vodka Tea Infusion Kit on May 28.  Check out some photos of the evening.

The May 28 launch party for our Vodka Tea Infusion Kit was a huge success. Many hundreds of tea fans came out to try our tea vodka: Pu Er Bai Ya white tea vodka, either straight up or mixed with tonic water and a spritz of citrus.

The sun came out just in time to grace us with its warm rays and DJ Caleesi, a.k.a. Clarissa, our B2B Executive Sales Manager, kept the beat going until well after dark. Held at our Berlin-Mitte store, the event spilled out onto the sidewalk and street, prompting a quick (but uneventful) visit from the local police, who declined an offer of tea vodka and went on their merry way.

Check out the pictures for yourself and stay tuned — we’ve got another tea vodka event coming this summer.