Interview with
Coco Brun

“Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea” with Henry Fielding’s much popularized quote on our lips we present our latest collaboration. Six fine teas selected by Vogue boxed within the romantic visual language of Parisian artist Coco Brun.

We caught up with Coco to find out her creative inspirations behind this collaboration.


What were your main inspirations in creating the Vogue artwork?

Nature is one of my main inspirations. I’ve gotten enchanted by the tea plant itself and I wanted to create a sense of delicate femininity for the Vogue Box packaging.

Why did you pick P & T to collaborate with?

I discovered the P & T store in Berlin and really loved the display and packaging. At the same time, P & T and Vogue started a collaboration and it turned out to be perfect timing for me to jump in and contribute. I’m delighted to be taking part in this creative partnership.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

My work is based on patterns and illustrations, which is how I see P & T visually represented also. I saw a fit, which is why I approached P & T with my designs.

In what other forms and where can we see your work?

I have my own collection of printed fashion and interior pieces which I exhibit during Fashion and Design week. But currently I am working on an exhibition with graphic artwork and installations in Paris, which I am excited to see the outcome of. The majority of my artwork can be seen on my website :)


Box of six -
Vogue Edition

Six fine teas and good-will boxed within the romantic visual language of Parisian artist Coco Brun, we think our Box of Tea – Vogue Edition reflects the modern lifestyle of a sophisticated and health conscious tea drinker perfectly.